Google Plus, Gamification & Author Rank Latest Update

So I just saw this in the SERPs:

Google Plus - Latest Update

It’s interesting that when you’re signed in to Google Plus all this detail shows up, what does this mean:

1)  Google’s way of subtly enforcing people to use Google Plus but in a “fun” way of gamifiying the process – similar to Linkedin:

Linkedin Profile Strength

2)  The “Growing Importance” of Author Rank and Google’s little hint of guiding people along the way……

3)  I am a vain person that enjoys Googling himself on a daily basis….


There are probably a lot of “other” reasons why people will find this significant in the bigger picture but for the time being, I thought this was pretty cool…  with these subtle changes coming through like last week for example from Dan Barker…..


Dan Barker

Take Away

I can say this for certain that “Google Plus is here to stay, it will grow and evolve – get used to it…….”

*Special thanks to Chris Gilchrist,  Pritesh Patel & Emilee Jane Tombs for their technical image support wizardry 

Image courtesy of Dan Barker from his Google Plus Profile

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