Re-Indexed in SERPs in Less than 12 Hours

Following on from my last post, checking this morning my site is now indexed back in the SERPs.   Personally I very impressed as to how quickly Google has done this, although currently I only rank 5th for my domain looking for the term “Pak Hou Cheung” – which Imagine will be number 1 again in a few weeks time.

In getting my site re-indexed this quickly, the following factors must be noted:

  1.  I sent a Google bot via Google Webmaster Tools to help index the page quicker – the actual effect of this in terms of the time parametres is hard to say.   However for any sites facing indexation issues this is definitely worth a shot.
  2. The authority of the URL itself still holds value.  Although not the most authoritative in the world, the domain itself still holds some weighting.
  3. Size of website in terms of pages and actual files, being relatively tiny, the crawl would of been relatively quick for the Google bots to re-index.
  4. Lastly the competitiveness of the SERP space, as you would imagine the name “Pak Hou Cheung” isn’t the most competitive in the world, thus making the website re-indexed in the SERPs is a relatively straight forward job.

The true complexity, of this runs along more than 4 bullet points, however the simple answers are normally the most correct.   A lot of people in the industry try to over complicate SEO to the point that they make it seem a lot harder than it is. The truth is, SEO is relatively straight forward, the hardest part is the execution and implementation, which I look forward to discussing about in a future post about the world of SEO in 2015 from my personal perspective.


Pak Hou Cheung


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